Monday, 30 August 2010

Two New Experiments

Finally painted the drawings. Somethings worked and some things didn't. It feels like I'm getting closer to a way of painting that works for me. Not quite there yet. Feel the need to get back to digital for awhile.

More of an anatomy study than anything else. This was a complete re-work of a different sketch. It went from fluffy, silly stuff to somewhat more sinister silly stuff. Also, I'd been looking at a lot of Boris and Julie paintings and sketches, so the hunky dude/buxom lady theme sort of stuck in my head. So what did you get? A succubus lady taking her pet out for an evening stroll. Nothing naughtier than that.

This ended up being more of a pencil sketch with a bit of color thrown in. This was another piece that was more interested in the initial drawing. It's not as good as I'd like technically, but it ended up having a nice mood to it. So I stopped before it could get over-worked.

Originally posted 3 August 2010

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