Thursday, 2 December 2010

Andromeda - WIP

I've been working on a pin-up that was meant to be a submission for the Not Your Father's Pin Up charity calendar, but it didn't happen. Idea came too late and ended up being a lot more intense than I bargained for. There's still a lot to do, but here's the progress so far.

Andromeda Pin-Up. That is - Andromeda being menaced by the emerging Kraken.

For the full horror that is the work in progress, visit here. Be forewarned. It ain't pretty.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Studies 01

A few studies I've been working on in the evenings after work.
Using the following as references:

Anatomy Drawing School
- Andras Szunyoghy
- Gyorgy Feher

Anatomy for the Artist
- Sarah Simblet

Anatomy for the Artist

- Jeno Barcsay

Thursday, 4 November 2010

One more portrait

One more. A little more representative perhaps? Too-long sleeves and a cup of tea. Done Tuesday morning before work.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Portrait Day 2010

Quick scribble for National Self Portrait Day 2010.
Drawn in front of a mirror; Age 26
Marker on paper
Pencil, white paint on paper
Color Correction and detailing in Photoshop

Monday, 25 October 2010

NYC with O'Plenty and the Vilppus Pt 3

And here is the last of the NYC updates. It's actually a duplicate post. I had difficulty seeing my drawing in the Museum lighting; dark paper and museum lighting aren't the greatest friends in the world. Anyway, I had a chance to punch up the drawings when I got home, so here it is - the last of this batch! Off to the mall probably to people watch and doodle.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

NYC with O'Plenty and the Vilppus Pt 2

Animal doodles from the American Museum of Natural History in NYC. Part of the trip with O'Plenty and the Vilppus.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

NYC with O'Plenty and the Vilppus Pt 1

I had the day off Thursday, so I headed to NY to meet up with the guys from O'Plenty and the Vilppus. Arrived at Port Authority early, so stopped for a quick breakfast and coffee. Couldn't help myself, pulled out the sketchbook and started doodling like crazy. Here are a few of the patrons from the cafe where I grabbed my meal. Incidentally, ran a bit late meeting up with the rest of the group. Oops. I just couldn't help myself! The people around me had the most amazing hair!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

New York Comic-Con 2010

A few sketches from New York Comic-Con and one from New Hampshire.

The great Maestro, Glenn Vilppu during a demonstration


Monday, 6 September 2010

Australia Sketch Journal

A little blast from the past. After doing a bit of botanical detective work for a friend of mine, I felt the need to go dig up my sketch journal from 2005's Australia project with ISV.

As it turns out, the rather gigantic, unidentified plant happily growing to tremendous proportions was a verbascum thapsus or the Common/Great Mullein. Put even more simply, giant, homeopathic weed.

As a result, I've scanned old drawings from the airport as well as the plant pictures from the field. These were done in a freezing cold heatless cabin in Victoria Australia. Most of them were taken from our base location near an Aluminium Smelting plant. Very neat stuff.

To view further botanical images from the Australia trip, click here

Monday, 30 August 2010

A lil' Come and Get It

This is a piece submitted to Bobby Chiu's Trap-themed contest over at Sketchoholic.

I was hoping to go for an old-school Pulp-esque sort of thing. There are things that worked and things that didn't. Getting back into painting still feels good. Ended up cropping about three inches off of the right side of the painting and going in with an India pen.

I saved the line work and may eventually do a digital paint.

Also, this is not some weird tentacle fetish. She is a decoy. Like those little bio-luminescent lightbulb bits on deep-water fish. Maybe in the digital version she will be illuminated!

*Post originally published 28 July 2010

Two New Experiments

Finally painted the drawings. Somethings worked and some things didn't. It feels like I'm getting closer to a way of painting that works for me. Not quite there yet. Feel the need to get back to digital for awhile.

More of an anatomy study than anything else. This was a complete re-work of a different sketch. It went from fluffy, silly stuff to somewhat more sinister silly stuff. Also, I'd been looking at a lot of Boris and Julie paintings and sketches, so the hunky dude/buxom lady theme sort of stuck in my head. So what did you get? A succubus lady taking her pet out for an evening stroll. Nothing naughtier than that.

This ended up being more of a pencil sketch with a bit of color thrown in. This was another piece that was more interested in the initial drawing. It's not as good as I'd like technically, but it ended up having a nice mood to it. So I stopped before it could get over-worked.

Originally posted 3 August 2010

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Sometimes you need an eraser

Sometimes you just need to start over. That was the case with this image which used to be the last image in the previous post. One of my new drawing goals is to get my A-game on, really push myself beyond 'artistic lethargy' and, lets be honest here, just plain visual laziness. It's bad! This was fun because it allowed me to ditch an image I wasn't happy with, which is a cathartic experience, and focus on working out some anatomy. There are still a few lazy areas (hands esp.) that I may go in and fix later. But over all, I'm actually rather happy with where this one's going. Certainly different than anything I've done before.

Here's the other piece I've been working on. This one has also gone through many, many edits.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Process Sheet - Scribble to Transfer

I've been working on a number of different pieces lately, many of which never went so far as to make it here. However, I've increasing need of a digital sketchbook uninhibited by user comments in between art posts. So hopefully I'll be updating here more frequently with sketches, doodles, and projects in various stages of finish.

For now, however, a couple of scribbles from various sketch sessions and personal projects as well as a 'process sheet' for a painting I'm working on.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Stones in Her Pockets

Stones in Her Pockets

Quick scribble for's Shut Up And Draw Daily - Ophelia