Saturday, 31 July 2010

Sometimes you need an eraser

Sometimes you just need to start over. That was the case with this image which used to be the last image in the previous post. One of my new drawing goals is to get my A-game on, really push myself beyond 'artistic lethargy' and, lets be honest here, just plain visual laziness. It's bad! This was fun because it allowed me to ditch an image I wasn't happy with, which is a cathartic experience, and focus on working out some anatomy. There are still a few lazy areas (hands esp.) that I may go in and fix later. But over all, I'm actually rather happy with where this one's going. Certainly different than anything I've done before.

Here's the other piece I've been working on. This one has also gone through many, many edits.

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Jennifer said...

These are nice!!! 8)